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«Sight /saɪt/; vision: the process, power, or function of seeing specifically: the physical sense by which light stimuli received by the eye are interpreted by the brain and constructed into a representation of the position, shape, brightness, and usually colour of objects in space.  ("sight." Merriam-Webster, 2011. Web.)»

«Site /saɪt/: the place, scene, or point of an occurrence or event. ("site." Merriam-Webster, 2011. Web.)»

The connection between sight and site. Seeing and location. Space around has an impact on one's cognitive process through shapes, colours, sounds, symbols, scents etc. Thoughts are therefore being created by anchoring to the things that derive from both conscious and subconscious memory. To embrace the kinesthetic memory I sketched the landscape of my current home view over the west side of the Oslofjord and tried to connect the impact of surrounding on the cognitive process.

Operating my eyes and gaining better vision was an awe experience revealing new layers to the landscape, that glasses/lenses could not provide me for different reasons. For the first few months, I was re-discovering the same places over and over again including my everyday view from the hill of Oslofjord.

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