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"Where Does a Body End?"

Galleri Schaeffers Gate 5

“Where does a body end?” are the words of American recording artist Michael Gira (Swans, ex-Angels of Light) used in the documentary of the same title. This along with my fascination with physicochemical phenomena are the base of this project. 

However consciously complex, the human body is a physicochemical object. The human body, flesh, is simply a cluster of atoms. Human voices / words are sound waves transmitted through particles of air. We affect the world through changes, like own steps, voice or the creations of physical objects.

And the opposite. The human body is affected by the surroundings, natural forces or landscapes; be it subtle waves or radiation or mechanical influences. Only through the physicochemical forces that strike the human body, can we sense and feel. In other words - perception, consciousness and psychology do not exist without the body.

“Where Does A Body End?” is a reflection over continuity of matter as complex physio-chemical to non-physical interaction, randomness of existence and the selectivity of matter. From the fascination of dark, void spaces between matter - to the movements of atoms and their connection to human experiences.

Ashes are the simplest form of the end and beginning of the life-cycle, and also remnants of volcanic activities being one of the reasons for geological landscape formations.

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