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Iced Fire


Charcoal from burnt birch and beech wood on paper

Correlation between ice and fire, energy processes. As a result of an oxidation reaction, fire releases energy in the form of light and heat. Entropy increases. Ice is formed from water by loss of heat during the crystallization process. Entropy decreases. Charcoal drawings are therefore interpretations of the energy processes, sublimation, crystallization, oxidation and combustion. 


Charcoal as a leftover product after fire is both energy-transfer medium and energy-transfer subject of these works. As a firewalk instructor, reusing charcoals from the coal-bed became my common practice. Using residual materials is at the same time continuation of the creation and destruction cycles. I create, burn, destroy and open space. I intend to embrace detachment. The focus is put on the physicochemical processes behind - what is going on between the atoms and in the void. Where there is a balance between massive and powerful energy processes and their ephemerality.

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