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photo credit: Nina Red


My approach towards fine art comes from an ever-since contrasting interest in art, science & humanistics and a consequent interdisciplinary background. I aim to make space for both "languages" and people to communicate contemporary areas of social crisis, climate crisis and sustainability crisis. Most of the projects are therefore a limbo for all, an interdisciplinary overlap, merging fields of art and science. Meaning also, feel welcome to reach out! 

With scientific background in chemistry, I am a researcher experienced in a wide range of analytical methods, organic synthesis, circular economy, recycling and sustainability themes. Drawing, three-dimensional installations and non-material formats are the most often used mediums. The core streams of my work are influenced by natural forces, sounds, physicochemical processes and also cognition. Burning wood is a substantial process in my practice, where I collect and further use residual charcoals and ashes. 

This approach has its origin in firewalk practices and its impermanent/transformative qualities in the environment. Energy processes are at the core of all the biochemical processess in the world around us. My reflections also embrace the value of geological structures and non-renewable resources beyond their use as an industrial resource. This addresses the global social problem by tapping into the very actual climate situation and corresponding connection/disconnection to the natural environment. But also the following, more individual, resulting relation between surroundings and mental processes. It can be therefore perceived as a research of the nuances in balancing "creative - destructive" forces in nature, that translates to the balance of "connection - detachment" from a psychological perspective.

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The World We Made | Galleri Schaffers Gate 5, Oslo, Norway


Winter Solstice 10th edition | Kroloftet, Oslo, Norway

"Where Does a Body End?" | Solo exhibition | Galleri Schaeffers Gate 5, Oslo, Norway

Midgardsblot | Midgard Vikingsenter, Borre, Norway

Polarity | Solo exhibition | Brewgata, Oslo, Norway


Avgangsutstilling | C-14, Oslo, Norway


Iced fire | Solo exhibition | C-14, Oslo, Norway

Sommerutstilling | Galleri Art To Be, Tomter, Norway

Mysticae | GalleriNeuf, Oslo, Norway

Konsertutstilling | Galleri Art To Be, Tomter, Norway


Winter Solstice | Teknisk Museum, Oslo, Norway

Group ex | GalleriNeuf, Oslo, Norway

Summer exhibition | Nydalen kunstskole, Oslo, Norway

Mysticae | GalleriNeuf, Oslo, Norway


2019 - 2020

BI Business School, Global Strategy & Entreprenourship, Oslo, Norway

2017 - 2020

Fine Art Education, Nydalen Kunstskole, Oslo, Norway

2015 - 2016

Master of Science in Engineering, Chemical Technology, University of Technology, Lodz, Poland

2011 - 2015

Civil Engineer, Chemical Technology, University of Technology, Lodz, Poland

2010 - 2011

Architecture and Urban Planning, University of Technology, Lodz, Poland

2009 - 2010

Preparatory course for Architecture, prof. Marek Pabich, Lodz, Poland

2007 - 2009

Fine Art, MFA Anna Ozga, Lodz, Poland

Certificates & Courses


The Art of Music Production - Berklee College of Music, mooc


Circular Economy - Lund University, mooc


Sustainability & CSR in Scandinavia - Copenhagen Business School, mooc


Modern Art & Ideas - Museum of Modern Art, mooc


Lithography, NGV, Oslo, Norway


Collected Sound Fragments for an Imaginary Landscape, Atelier Nord, Oslo, Norway


Firewalk Instructing – Balfron, Scotland

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