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With an interdisciplinary background in science, fine art and social sciences, I work by overlapping and merging those fields together.


Drawing, three-dimensional installations and non-material formats are most often used mediums. Burning wood is a substantial process in my practice, where I collect and further use residual charcoal and ashes. This approach has its origin in firewalk practices. It reflects the impermanent and transformative qualities of nature in balanced natural conditions. It also implies the value of geological structures and non-renewable resources beyond their use as an industrial resource.

In my artistic practice, I touch on the occuring climate change problem; and corresponding connection and disconnection to the natural environment. I bring sustainability into aesthetics to search for present and sustainable human perception. My work focuses therefore on the relation between surroundings and cognition. I research the nuances in balancing "creative - destructive" forces in nature. Or the balance of "connection - detachment" for human perception. Natural forces, sounds and physicochemical processes are the most influential subjects in my practice.

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